Lion’s Plan!


We all hear about innovation, technology, global business planning, cost competitiveness, social obligations, and job security! Then we hear about plans to use technology to reduce costs by taking jobs away, and scare away people from accepting technology as they should. Then we see government and companies spending millions on trying to figure out how to apply technology to increase profits, and improve economy.

Now, here is what I have to say:

First of all we need to educate our people, all of them on how economy really works; for example a business unit manager or a strategic planning manager or a project manager for a big corporation, should never say, that corporate is making enough profit, and that is why I am not concerned  with quality and productivity problems! This type of corporations have serious problems in high level strategic planning, and that is directly reflected on customer satisfaction and on economy!!!

Mahzad Pakzad

Mahzad Pakzad

Here is what we can spend money and few good days, may be years on:

Rethink Mass Production and Technology used for manufacturing Materials/Processes used in products that we use as consumables.
I like an approach “Process Reliability, Flexibility, Portability” !

Why?  Ask your companies. Ask major companies, how much material, and time, and fuel have they wasted on parts that they have eventually scrapped for either recycling or as junk yard waste, within hours, days, months or years of production?!

We need to invest time and money on learning how to produce what we need, when we need it, and where we need it, instead of producing excessive inventory using materials that are bad for environment, and then manufacture them using processes that are again bad for environment, and we make sure that we have made everything to last for a very long time, even though they may not function after a short time. Worst part is that we make sure that our production rates are very high, so we can get the payback on the money we have invested in the technology, and as a result we “Want to take our products to all other parts of the world”, sell, sell, export, import, transport,… and cause a serious global job security issue! People should be able to produce locally for themselves and support their own societies economically, at least to a certain level!

I wish we could to develop materials, and processes that can be used to manufacture products in small quantities and deliver quality, cost effectively. I wish we could apply continuous flow to everything, starting with materials, and following process steps of different products, as much as possible!  This is how nature got to survive for billions of years before us humans!


Thank you.

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