Time to recover valuables lost during economy crash, by going back to basics!

4 May

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For those who do not know me:

I got my mechanical engineering degree in USA while I was struggling with my situation as an immigrant from a nation that was in struggle with a revolution that caused serious damages to many families including mine.

I graduated Dec. 1983 and started my first engineering job in February 1984, as a Methods & Manufacturing Engineer, and soon company initiated and placed me in Advanced Manufacturing Department. I was responsible for some existing processes, managing day-to-day issues as well as initiating, justifying and managing cost reduction projects from A to Z, that means from marketing evaluation  of products to preventive maintenance scheduling of the equipment that I managed their designed & development.

After gaining confidence in my skills I started independent consulting helping companies to identify and manage projects to increase their profits, in many ways that includes design evaluation, supplier quality assurance, equipment design, equipment installation, NPI, Lean implementation,….


Typically companies hired me as a consultant to solve problems that they could not. US Government started Violating Constitution publicly to destroy my life after I spent time on evaluating the meditation forms of the American Indians, and practicing the Ghost Dance (my version) and getting results from it, during this time I had gone back to Georgia Tech to add to my skills as an Industrial Designer. This caused my divorce, and I have been dealing with employers’ fear and unfair predjudisim that has caused me serious financial issues.


As long as companies allow me, I do a thorough business analysis, in order to find their weaknesses and strength and initiate and mange projects that would increase their profit or allow them to launch their new products successfully. At times I get to rework an existing project, fine tune it, removing the waste, or solving design problems, or completing specifications that allow delivering quality. I can design products or some tooling and automated mechanism, I am very good at concept design of automated equipment, and have a great understanding of science and technology.


During my experience in past 30 years, I have slowly and indirectly helped many organizations to change their management style, by showing them how their teams could work together more efficiently and effectively, and that is the basis for my understanding of Organizational Change Management, and I am urging you to study my presentations on the subject carefully as a team with your staff, and consider viewing your operations, and studying them together as a team, after you view my presentations.

My gain is hope that organizations will realize what they have lost in past two decades, by throwing out the window the principles and the people that they used to work with when running their operations in-house, under one roof.  There are many issues rising from contracting parts, outsourcing for fabricated parts, and engineering products and processes are not being controlled and the result is blaming production and operations for not being lean, and efficient, in addition to having skill sets placed in the wrong places and this has effected me personally.


Best wishes for all, may you realize that team work includes developing a “SOCIETY THAT CAN AFFORD BUYING YOUR PRODUCTS”!


links that you can view these presentations are at the top of my blog: “Organization Management” ; “OM & Quality” ;  ” OCM II”, and of-course on the “Home” page I have “The Key to Process Excellence”.







Thank you.

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