It takes an artist to develop designs, that can be engineered to deliver perfection. VMP

24 Sep

Ever wonder why creativity is so important in design & engineering? Well, it is all about understanding human nature and the science behind how we “Operate“!

It will take an artist to understand why and how to make a design user-friendly, and then engineer it to deliver the “Intended” results.

Building teams in manufacturing that work together, requires both understanding and building adequate links among team members and “Industrial world” has not been doing enough of that.

Truth is that we were able to produce profitable products so far, but this is 21st century and we have pushed ourselves over and out of the “Conscious State” of being, into a cultural state that one too many people either do not care for/understand the need for supporting unity in life, or prefer to approach it scientifically only.

If you talk to HR in many reputable companies about need for “Conscientiousness”, they look at you as if you were mad; One too many are focused on where they can find people who follow their existing philosophy and fit within their interpreted version of company culture, so they can find leaders to join the company and change its culture & improve productivity! People have lost common sense as well as a need to design and develop processes and procedures that not only produce quality products, but also “Train” people how to maintain it. This has resulted in grave losses for many, because it is resulting in our industries losing their leading edges.

As far as I am concerned this all is linked to “Lack of sensitivity, and connection with conscious world”. Many of my respected colleagues insist that we should leave out “being” from this subject and focus on the need to work within a “System” or use “System Thinking”. The only objection that I have is that people break the links within a system if and when they can, unless they are conscious about the fact that their actions would create issues that would “eventually” have negative impact on themselves.

Being an artist, being creative, is part of everyone’s nature, however, our cultures are not evolved to nurture this nature, instead we have been too busy to teach “competition” and many negative (jealousy)  trades to the children. Now some even attempt to “Copy” creative thinking techniques, this is no different from wanting to develop ROBOTS that can feel.

Innovation, Creativity, Profit, Money, Leadership, Survival, these are all keywords that buzz people these day! Well, let’s end this post this way: “It has always been out of a need for survival and a scape from extinction that “Evolution” has become reality and taken us onto the next level; Time has come to revive and evolve our senses“.



Thank you.

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