Going around and around?!

2 Sep

Does it feel to you as if we are going around and around the same circle, every few decades?!

Every now and then a war, economy crash, competition, or some similar situation makes US industries to realize that “We need to change”!

Then we find solutions, make improvements, then we start feeling comfortable rolling around the wheel. As people change, new generations come to work, we start losing our focus on what made it possible for us to roll so smoothly around the wheel, we ignore all the pit falls created by dynamics of ever-changing world, letting them grow bigger & bigger, then all of the sudden we are stocked in a big hole. At this point we are just not willing to accept being defeated, so we try to find the quickest fix possible, but of course, quick fixes never could solve problems from their roots. At the end, after we try any and every shortcut & fail, we come to the same realization that “We need to change” or we are going to lose everything!!!

I found this on web (source: http://www.uic.edu/classes/idsc/ids355a/deming.htm) Quote:

“U.S. managers — had no idea that they had something to learn.
Profound knowledge must come from the outside.
Everyone doing their best in a poor system —
We’re being ruined by best efforts from hard work doing what is wrong.

MUST ASK FOR HELP in order to change.”


2 Responses to “Going around and around?!”

  1. Frank Sowa February 15, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

    Actually, we do not go around in a 2-dimensional circular track.

    Having studied cyclical activities in fluid flow dynamics — the path is actually a 3-dimensional spiral — and this the path may never overlap any of the former cycles, or it could but never in the same way — much as how in nature — no two snow flakes are exactly alike.

    This is better explained by the experts in chaos and complexity theory — for example NSF Fellow — T. Irene Sanders of The Washington Center for Complexity & Public Policy and author of a few books on the matter.

    • Volpe February 15, 2012 at 5:54 pm #


      @Frank- Nice to see you here!

Thank you.

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