Volex, Inc. (Chapter III)

21 May

After completing the projects in fiber optics, the engineer who was in charge of that process before me, took back his old job, & I headed for the new challenge solving productivity issues with another department & managing new products introduction. The operators were mostly oriental, some Spanish, very few could read/write or speak English! That was part of the problem, but the main issues laid with the fact that products were released to production prematurely, I realized that while managing the NPI projects. Solutions were not difficult, but there were one too many products & one too many problems!

Within 4 months I had manged to eliminate the 30% rejects/rework, Hamsha was very happy because corporate office had noticed the significant changes & he had been promoted to Operations Manager. He set up a meeting with all of us in it, saying that “I do not know what you did, but keep it up”.


Thank you.

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