Volex, Inc. (Chapter I)

20 May

I had just started learning how to deal with my new environment & was adjusting my life in Louisville, KY, when I got a phone call from Volex, Inc., in CA, they were looking for a Sr. Manufacturing Engineer. In a way I was excited, I had always wanted to settle down in CA, so I took time off from work in Louisville to go for the interview.

The two interviewers I remember well are Katie, the quality engineering director and Hamsha the manufacturing engineering manager, their three manufacturing engineers interviewed me as well.

The main reason they liked my resume was that I had shown problem solving capability for new products & new processes. Company was losing customers due to quality issues. During the interview, Katie told me that even though they were producing Fiber Optic cables for six years, they had not yet figured out the process requirements correctly, and were having issues. I liked Katie, she was very pleasant. Hamsha, soon to be my manager, interviewed me at the end, after we were done with the interview, he asked if I would accept contract work, I explained, that I already had a contract job, & my relocation would be too costly, so I cold not justify moving for just another contract job. Their problem was the salary, then we negotiated it & I accepted a cut in salary, in exchange for bonus & a permanent position.

I went back to Louisville, with a verbally confirmed job offer, I waited till I had everything in writing & then gave my notice to Allied Uniking/Ford.

At Volex, I was the new & their only senior manufacturing engineer, as soon as I walked in, Hamsha briefed me on the Fiber Optics issues & introduced me to the technician & the project coordinator supporting the clean room operations that I was placed in charge of. Inconsistency of output quality, was the problem, they had about 30% rejects in-house, & receiving 40% returns from the customers! I had never worked with fiber optics before, they knew that, but they also knew that it did not matter, because my skills included development of new products, processes & equipment specifications.


Thank you.

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