Volex, Inc. (Chapter II)

20 May

Even though I had never worked with fiber optics before, I knew that I would be resolving all related issues during my interview visit there, just by looking at what they had there at Volex, including the incoming materials. I already had proven my skills to myself!

I started researching for the applicable technologies, as well as studying what the company already knew . Long story, short within first four months, I identified & eliminated the source of the quality issues. And again just like many other projects that I had managed, I did not have to invent anything! All I had to do was talk to, read, listen, watch, communicate, analyze, organize, & re-communicate the issues & solutions (good at engineering project/program management)! I know that my basic skills combined with my analytical/logical thinking & creative problem solving aptitude can make positive contributions in operations, mechanical engineering & manufacturing fields!

In this case, I had to listen to the suppliers well, & understand the process requirements for treating their products, then watch the production carefully, then redesign the process to remove issues & add what was missing. Of course I run some experiments & tests, before getting the perfect results, but I really did not invent anything, just identified and applied the right technology, correctly! However, getting the production to change their work habits that they had gotten used to for 6 years was not very easy.

Soon after the fiber optics problems were solved, we got the lost customer Global back, that was good news, and then no more returns from other customers was more good news. My manager then switched my responsibilities, allowing another engineer to maintain the processes that I had designed in the fiber optics. My new projects were to identify & resolve the root cause for 30% rejects for another area producing other communication cables. I focused on managing the New Products Introduction activities, in addition to solving quality & productivity issues, with current products .


Thank you.

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