Ford Motor; Allied Uniking, my heroes!

19 May

After GE disappointed me by getting rid of me as soon as they knew why the budget was low, which was the main reason that they had hired me, I was heart-broken. I had fought for the company to get the job done, I had checked with the person who had interviewed me, to assure I was on the right path, they were trying to support six sigma delivery, & I had succeeded in identifying the issues preventing it. The agreement between GE & I was that I would see the project through, but as soon as the solutions were identified they grabbed the ideas & let me go.

I had just bought a car, & really did not have much cash to live by, so I started sending resumes everywhere looking for work. It did not take long before an agency called me to see if I wanted to work for Ford Truck Assembly in Louisville, it was very close to where I lived at the time. The interviewer was a well experienced, seasoned, confident gentleman, Terry was very easy to work for! He had a lot of experience and knew what to ask for, most important he was honest, would tell me exactly what not to do!!! He, was a manager for Allied Uniking, they had a trailer inside the Ford plant, that was our office. Working for Ford, is both great, and kind of difficult, they try to regulate & control everything, & because of the complexity of what they do that is not an easy thing to do. Terry made it clear that we had to work within boundaries, and I am glad that he was great in managing the situation.

First job they hired me for was to redesign a section of the assembly line, in order to enable it for running the F 150 truck. To do that I had to redo the work structure break down, adding operators, tools, storage & all necessary accessories to the assembly line, so we could increase the speed as well as to work on a new model. JIT, KANBAN were an integrated part of their operations, I designed the storage racks for the new parts as well, we could not spare an inch without justification, it was not the easiest layout/storage design ever!

Other M.E.s in the office were very nice, & helpful, we got along well. Ford/Allied Uniking kept me busy after that job, designing complex storage systems, & redesigning assembly line sections. I was happy, till I got a phone call from a company called Volex, Inc., they were located in Fremont, CA & were looking for a Senior Manufacturing Engineer, & since it was supposed to provide more security for me, I left Ford for that job, even though Ford people themselves suggested I could stay, they would always have work for my skills there. Yes, I have made my share of mistakes!


Thank you.

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