Case New Holland

15 May

It was after government budget cuts to support the DoD budgets increase. I moved to Atlanta, where I had lived for a while before, hoping to find contract work from the surrounding companies. I was surprised to see how much the entire area had changed, & the fact that guys were telling me that competition is tough, & people are rough!


When Case New Holland offered me a job in Dublin, GA, I happily accepted it, even though my cousin was calling Dublin boonies! After a round table interview with one representative from each / all departments they hired me.

My main focus was on launching two new product lines, on the tractor assembly line that I had responsibility for, it was called KIT line, because the suppliers were shipping KITs for us to assemble together on line. Parts for one of the product lines were coming from Japan, which company had already established a relation with & communication of issues were rather easy. Parts for the other product line were supplied from India & for most parts they had significant design changes, besides company had not worked with India before and was having communication problems.

I established a great working relation with them and worked with my counter part, the manufacturing engineer in India, he was a very bright guy, incredibly responsible & dedicated to supporting us, I am talking 24 hours availability for responding to us, we are talking something like 12 hours time difference to deal with. Problem was that we would get stock with unexpected quality/ design issues during pilot run on production assembly line, and change over to another product was not easy. It took us a while, but we managed to resolve the serious quality issues, & soon enough started working on cost reduction projects.

While I was resolving the product design issues with India, I was designing fixtures & tools for the assembly line, my manager was not happy with investing on Inventor 3D design tool for me, & even talked to the operations manager about his concerns that no one else in the company designs anything in-house, but they finally agreed to buy the tool for me. I designed hand tools, fixtures and storage systems on my extra time at work, the operators and maintenance loved my tools and fixtures, operators would not wait for me to call my work finished/completed, before they would grab and use them! I was also supporting another assembly line with troubleshooting, fixture designs & capital investment on multi-head torque guns for wheels.

I managed to help the operations manager get quotes on steering wheel, when purchasing was not able to get competitive prices for buying them. With a little research I came up with drawings, and found other suppliers for quotes.

Then it was taking care of the dirty jobs for my manager, literally! I was taking care of laying Asphalt on dirt roads the & fencing expansion outside!

I was redesigning the storage skids for the roll over protection bars, when I noticed the operators were struggling with fitting the bars onto the tractors. I talked with the operators, & they mentioned that these were new designs & were more difficult to work with. I started my career with walking through assembly lines & identifying assembly issues & tracking them back to their roots, so I immediately suspected a fit/quality issue & asked the quality manager to ask the technician to check out the dimensions on parts & compare them against the specified design data. The day after I had not heard anything, so I went to the QC manager asking about the situation, he verified that I had been right & there was a conflict between the parts & design specs. I was the lead on the assembly line, so I asked him not to send parts that were not inspected & approved to assembly line, I had caught the operators forcing reject-able parts onto the tractors, by chance, walking by & witnessing the action.


One Response to “Case New Holland”

  1. Mahzad May 15, 2011 at 10:25 pm #

    I have more stories like this, add them up to what government has been doing to me & stop wondering why a brilliant woman like me is debating between drinking a lot of water or not drinking at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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