Robotics (Troubleshooting)

28 Apr

My firs robot was installed tending an Eaton Leonard tube bending machine, it was beauty!

Honeybee Robotics, a young company then, won the contract to design the system that integrated the Intelledex robot with our machine, the robot removed a series of complex shaped parts & place them on a rack. Honeybee trained the line technician, maintenance & me for the programming & troubleshooting, everything went beautifully, no buts!!!

We had our CEO & CFO from corporate in plant, going through their annual tour. I was in the office, when the technician rushed in (I remember his face, a very nice & honest small town guy), saying that I cannot believe it, the robot stopped working just when the corporate people stopped to look at it! Then he said that he could not find out what the problem was, & corporate people were saying that they would not leave, till they see how we fix the problem! It was the very first robot, that the plant had installed!

So, I walked (Run!) to the cell & started troubleshooting the system, within few minutes, tracked the signals to the safety mat, & noticed that the safety pressure mat was a bit out-of-place, fixed it, & restarted the system, it run  beautifully! I just think that the big guys were testing both the safety of our system, & our ability to debug the problems! They walked away happy enough to assign me to head a $40 MM project a couple of years later!


Thank you.

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