Mahzad Pakzad

18 Apr

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I am an industrialist with a conscious, hard to believe, but I originally migrated (1978) from another part of the world, where I was exposed to myth & philosophy from childhood. When I said that I am spiritual, in its true meaning, that means that I am connected with higher level of consciousness in the universe, my nature is same as the universe’s nature, uncorrupted by the learned cultures or religions. Like American Indians, I live in harmony with other spiritual (not religious) beings.

Art and science, are part of nature, and that means that they are part of my nature as well. I have a great understanding of evolution of life, and believe that leadership is a humane responsibility; I also believe that it is the responsibility of human beings to use conscious, while living on earth & shaping it to fit their needs.

I said that I have a better understanding of spirituality, because I come form a nation that has had more mystics.  But yet I remember my composition instructor warning me at school, because of the paper I wrote about consciousness at age 16. In the paper I had questioned, if people knew, could remember what conscience was. My teacher warned that I would get into trouble with the government, if I brought that subject up. Based on that & my research, it is my understanding that throughout history, all around the world, the governments have been suppressing the state of conscientious among people. Power thirsty people even have gone to the extend of corrupting & controlling religions, & the basis of the religions that people use to build their faith in God on.

As an engineer & a designer, that lives in God, I like to remain the conscientious engineer that was praised by her American instructors at engineering school.


Thank you.

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